Photos: Trash Chutes

Our scaffold structures consist of many multi-functional applications. One application that may be overlooked is a trash chute. Whether a building is being reconstructed or newly built, trash always gets in the way. The most convenient way to keep a work area safe and cleared for the workers is to make sure it is trash free. Our trash chutes allow customers to direct where trash goes without having to worry about causing damage to the interior or the exterior of the structure when removing construction waste.

The above image shows a free hanging trash chute, suspended from the top window via a specialized bracket. With this configuration, the chute is being held far enough away from the building, allowing trash disposal through the three windows and their respective hopper.

This specific customer required a trash chute and scaffold structure working together. The benefits of using a structure like this allows the trash chute to be angled away from the large glass windows and prevents any possibility of damage while using the chute.

The image below shows a custom built trash slide. Some construction sites would benefit from having a slide versus a chute. The trees and other obstacles would cause a traditional chute to be at too steep of an angle, so the slide was needed to avoid these obstacles. Custom-made slides can also be utilized for larger items that may be too big for the standard trash chutes, or just simply reach a dumpster or truck from the building.

If your project requires a trash chute, slide, or scaffold structure, please contact us here!