“Brewer Equipment Company has been a valued partner with Stone-Montgomery Construction for 21 years.  They have helped us with all our scaffolding needs, pneumatic nail guns and supplies.  Brewer provides excellent service of equipment reducing our down time in the event of equipment failure.  The staff is well trained, efficient and friendly.  Stone-Montgomery has enjoyed doing business with Brewer in the past and looks forward to continuing in the future.”

Chris Stone, Stone-Montgomery Construction Co., Inc.

Over the past 8 years I have served as Maintenance Manager at the Roanoke Valley Energy Facility, and in this time, Brewer Equipment Company has provided 100% of our scaffolding support.  They provide services for both our spring and fall scheduled outages at each unit and answer all emergent calls without hesitation.  I find them to be a very capable, reliable and productive group to work with and most importantly they place safety in the highest regard.  Even with our continued commitment to using Brewer, their pricing continues to be extremely competitive.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone. 

Eric Woods | Maintenance Manager, Roanoke Valley Energy Facility

“We rent scaffolding that is custom built for us to do heavy maintenance on aircraft. Our needs for each project are very precise, and Brewer Equipment will research each of the individual aircraft sizes and dimensions to spec out the needed scaffolding for the specific type of work we need to do. In addition to designing the scaffolding, they provide us with drawings, which saves us a tremendous amount of time.

Brewer Equipment is a true partner; they work very closely with us from both a planning, specification and financial aspect for our projects. They are very reliable, and always follow up to be sure our needs are met. We’re very pleased and highly recommend them.”

Scott Freitag, GSE Manager , TIMCO Aviation Services

The Greensboro branch of Precision Walls, Inc has had a 20 year plus working relationship with Brewer Equipment Co. During this period our company has enjoyed the benefits of reliable equipment as well as competitive pricing. Whenever we had difficult job conditions, Brewer was always available to put their eyes and expertise to work for us. Because of the location of  Brewers’ branches, Precision Walls has increased our business with them throughout the entire state of North Carolina and into South Carolina. I am proud to say that they are a true partner in helping our company “GET THE JOB DONE” safely.

W. Courtney Jenkins – Equipment/Safety Manager, Precision Walls, Inc. – Greensboro