Photos: Residential Scaffold Structures

Scaffold structures like the Layher system scaffold is not only used in industrial, commercial, and/or residential settings. Customers that require structures around their home benefit from using our diverse equipment setups that will satisfy any job’s needs.

This is an example of a simple structure surrounding this home’s chimney for maintenance. This particular structure was better suited than other solutions because it enabled the workers to circle the top of the chimney on the roof in order to complete their work.

This image shows an example of something more complex. Houses located on the beach can sometimes mean unstable ground or more difficult weather conditions. This scaffold was built to wrap around the corner, as well as a rounded side and provided a sturdy surface to complete maintenance on this beach-front house.


Accessing high windows or certain parts of the roof can be difficult, as these images show. Our scaffold structures make it possible to conveniently and safely reach the hardest places on a home. The windows seen on the left image are difficult due to roof pitch and their location to the edge. Brewer’s sturdy and secure scaffold structure allows the workers to easily reach what they need to repair so they can conduct their work in a timely manner. The two-tiered roof seen on the image to the right shows just how difficult it can be to reach the top of a roof. The scaffold structure shows how easy it can be to cover the lower roof in order to safely reach the top.

The example images below show large residential scaffold structures set up in front of an apartment and condominium complex. The top image shows the construction and the wrap-around scaffolding that allows workers access to all floors. The bottom image shows scaffolding on the outside of the condominiums. This allows workers to safely perform their tasks without having to go in and out of the residents’ homes.

If any of these scaffold structures reflect your projects’ needs, please contact Brewer Equipment Co. here!