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Paslode Air Nailers



bullet T250A-F16 16 Gauge Angled Finish Air Nailer

Lightweight, about a pound less than the others!  You can count on its award winning design for precision and performance and it reduces wood splitting vs.15 gauge.

bullet T250S-F16 16 Gauge Straight Finish Air Nailer

Reliable power! 
It gets the job done with precision and speed.

bullet PF350 Power Framer

New! More power, work faster! The toughest, lightest most powerful production framing nailer we have created, it has the power to bury nails in LVL headers and beams consistently!

bullet PF-150 PP Positive Placement Nailer
Positive Placement® Metal Connector Nailer - 1½" Nails
Durable and powerful for tough jobsite conditions
Lightweight, compact design fits in tight spaces
2-strip magazine - high capacity, less reloading
Non-slip cushioned grip provides comfort and control
Probing tip locates nail hole quickly - work faster
bullet T200-F18 Brad Nailer

Lightest finish nailer in its class!  Prevents wood splitting.

18 Gauge leaves small holes. 

Slender design—Reaches tight spots and allows precise placement

Protects wood—No mar tip protects expensive wood

Performs—Drives 5/8" -2" finish nails

bullet S200-S16 Framing Stapler

Great for floor decking, roof sheathing, plywood sheathing and insulation.  Versatile, drives 3/4" - 2" standard crown staples.  Durable, for everyday use and long tool life.  Top load magazine for easy reload and reduced staple waste.

bullet CS 150 Cap Stapler

Efficient, Dependable Performance!  Staples and Caps in one easy step.  Consistent drive performance - Save time on roofing felt and housewrap!  Easy Loading - Open design makes staple and cap reloading a snap!  High capacity canister - holds 240 caps per reel and 90 staples

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